Local Policing Team

This team are the bread and butter of neighbourhood policing. These Officers respond to 101 and 999 calls given to them by the Force Control Room (FCR). They deploy from various response stations from around the county and could be involved in offences ranging from assaults, burglary and domestic incidents as well as missing persons and concern calls. LPT Officers are also allocated volume and low-level crime to investigate as part of their duty.

Traditionally they're dressed in black tops with black kit vest and carry PPE including an Asp, PAVA spray, rigid handcuffs and some are also trained to carry and use Taser (With the X2 being rolled out to teams now). For those looking to join KRPC, this is the role where you will start as a Student PC before completing a probation period and being allowed to police Kent on your own.

Ford Focus
Ford Focus Estate

1.6 TDCi diesel engine, makes this car one of the slowest in the fleet. The backseats are often stained in blood and urine. Handbrake often fails.

Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra Estate

The newest edition to the Kent Police LPT fleet. With a bigger boot capacity than the Focus, you can now place your kitbag inside where a suspect in the back of the car can't reach it. Result.

Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo Estate

Another response vehicle. Seen more on the east of the county but also found elsewhere. Has a mean appearance. In traditional Kent Police style it can be found with it's lightbar 6 miles back from the center of the roof.

Ford Transit
Ford Transit Van

Accomodates VIP transport for 1 in the rear carrigage. Still stinks from it's run out on Friday night. For those prisoners you think might kick out a back window or could s**t themselves.

Volkswagen Crafter
VW Crafter Van

This vehicle is the longest of the LPT fleet; effectively a bus that can carry many many brave men. Used for public order incidents and alike scenarios.

Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes Sprinter

For when driving the VW Crafter is getting dull. Drive the more luxurious van instead. Lightbar MIA.

Landrover Discovery
Landrover Discovery (Rural)

Used by the Rural Policing Team; this vehicles capabilities makes it ideal for offroad investigations and attending incidents in the depths of rural Kent.

Ford Kuga
Ford Kuga

Not just BTP who have them. However there are very few in existance within Kent Police's fleet. Hold good road presence and also more cup holders for the Costas.

Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra

One of many unmarked cars used proactively by the Local Policing Team.

Skoda Octavia Dog Van
Skoda Octavia (Dog Van)

The surviving number of Skoda Ocatvia's in Kent Police's fleet. Often waits 25 minutes before annoucing a car is failing to stop, having chased it for some time.


District Support Unit

The District Support unit is made up of a small amount of highly trained public order officers that deal with violent and large numbers of suspects. They are equipped with an arrange of less then lethal equipment from Taser, Batons, Shields and sometimes even Baton launchers. These officers are also trained in MOE (Method of Entry) meaning that theses are the officers the come knocking while you are still in bed. They also have specialist roles within the PSU ranks (Police Support Unit) including Public Order Medic and Evidence Gatherer

DSU, District Support Unit deal with violent suspects. They are the only officers trained in Level 1 Public Order and have a large amount of equipment to deal with a range of situations, ranging from MISPER, to less than lethal weapons to violent offenders. DSU can attend almost anything but mainly focus on violent/ wanted suspects, MISPERS, CBRN and Mountain/ Cliff rescues They are the team who knocks.

Mrk Ranger
Ford Ranger

DSU's only 4x4 they carry in there fleet. Mainly used to old Dorris from the treacherous terrain that is of Kent

UnMrk Ranger
Unmarked Ford Ranger

A.K.A The Black Beast, Does exactly the same as the Marked version minus the big yellow and blue stickers.

UnMrk Astra
Unmarked Vauxhall Astra

Does exactly what it says on the tin, is a car which is unmarked and has 4 wheels. Nothing else which is special.

UnMrk Vivaro
Unmarked Vauxhall Vivaro

For those super secret operations, you may see one of these on the next street corner.

VW Crafter Van

DSU's personal Public Order Carrier. If there is a riot, expect to see one of these bad boys.

UnMrk Galaxy
Unmarked Ford Galaxy

DSU conducts alot of covert operations. The unmarked Ford Galaxy is perfect for this job.

UnMrk Skoda
Unmarked Skoda Octavia VRS

The sleek, the fast the ULTIMATE SEX BOMB! You shall see no crims getting away from this machine!

Unmrk Focus
Unmarked Ford Focus

A generic response car which has been specially engineer to blend in with its surroundings. Basically the James Bond of all cars.


This V-8 of a machine is used to patrol the local streets of Kent.

Roads Policing Unit

The Roads Policing Unit (RPU) is an elite specialist unit that focuses on policing mostly the major roads to achieve a number of aims. One of those aims is to tackle crime being committed on UK roads, as well as deny criminals the use of the roads. Within this unit, we have highly trained drivers trained in both the initial and tactical pursuit phases. RPU drivers are trained in Tactical Pursuit And Containment (TPAC), which consists of specialist manoeuvres aimed to bring a pursuit to a safe and controlled ending. RPU also use a number of tactics to prevent pursuits from happening in the first place. Their use is intelligence led, lots of which comes from intelligence on the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. RPU currently offers PG9 Prohibition, Solo Bike and Serious Collision Investigation courses for substantive members, which are unique to the division. More courses are planned and in-depth operations are also often arranged by all members of RPU.

The Roads Policing Unit is also committed to reducing deaths and injuries as a result from road traffic collisions. To achieve this, officers focus on targeting traffic offenders through enforcement and education alike, as well as investigating the causes of collisions. The RPU fleet consists of a vast range of different vehicles, both marked and unmarked. This provides officers with the tools they need to get criminals off the roads, using unmarked vehicles to discreetly set up a tactical manoeuvre if necessary, and promote road safety.

When you join RPU, you will be given any training that you require, such as your Advanced Driving, Taser & TPAC training. You are required to be a Response, Advanced or TPAC driver before transferring. You are welcome to partake in a ride along with RPU. This will allow you to gain a broader view of what a traffic officer will deal with on an average patrol.

BMW 530D
BMW 530D Estate

Fast, sexy, sleek, fast and comfy too. One of the most common vehicles used nationally by other RPU teams.


Replaced the Range Rover Discoverys for the 4x4 fleet. Despite it's size, they are extremely quick.
Fun fact: RPU Callsigns the start TD4 denotes it's a 4x4 vehicle.

Volvo V90
Volvo V90 Estate

The pornstar of police fleets all over the world. You f**king beauty. Lacks ANPR though..

BMW R2100RT Motorcycle

Everything you could possibly want from a traffic car, just a bit colder and half the wheels.

Unmarked Bike
Unmarked Motorcylces

Get up close and personal to

Unmarked Car
Unmarked Cars

RPU hold various unmarked cars that perform different roles. A great addition when it comes to enforcing road traffic offences.

Tactical Firearms Unit

The Tactical Firearms Unit is an elite division formed of Authorised Firearm Officers (AFO's), Specalist Firearm Officers (SFO's) and Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFO's). They are routinely armed at all times with a Glock 17 Pistol. They carry extra weapons and equipment in their vehicles. This includes G36 Assault Rifles, Baton Round Launchers, and multiple forms of MOE Equipment, including the Big Red Key and Petrol Buzzsaws (to name a few). They are deployed under authorisation of the Force Control Room (FCR) Inspector (known as the FIM).

These officers are regularly deployed into the most life threatening situations with the possibility of having to discharge a firearm to save life and limb of themselves or members of the public, but often find themselves assisting all divisions on occasion! TFU has some of the highest-trained and skilful officers, so that they can work in the high-pressure situations that they face!

Officers within TFU are also trained to conduct pursuits up and into Tactical Pursuit Phase (TPP) as well as complete armed challenge stops on moving targets or vehicles; these are most commonly referred to as 'Hard Stops'.


Identical model to the one used by RPU, however fitted with a gun safe to secure the various weapons and equipment TFU Officers require as part of their role.

Volvo V70 ARV
Volvo V70 ARV

Despite TFU primarily driving BMW X5's, there is a slight exception that they may occasionally drive one of these. For how much longer though, we're not sure..

Unmarked ARV
Unmarked ARV

Various vehicles are available to ARV's to allow for a more covert options. Used to scout locations or properties to assess a situation prior to the arrival of marked assets.

South East Coast Ambulance Service

SECAmb is the ambulance trust that provides an emergency ambulance response to Kent, Sussex and Surrey and North Hampshire. Using an array of vehicles, they respond to various grades of medical and in some cases, social incidents, providing treatment and care at the scene; if required, patients will be taken to an appropriate hospital. SECAmb respond with crews which are primarily in Double Crewed Ambulances (DCAs) but also response capabilities with a number of specialist vehicles and roles, such as those within the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) and other like specially trained Critical Care Paramedics (CCP) and Paramedic Practitioners(PP).

You can be part of this divisions as part of the St John Ambulance Service. This is where you perform the role of Ambulance and deploy into the necessary role as and when required depending on the incident. This ensures that you are always kept busy when deployments for a single division on their own maybe slower.

Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes Sprinter

Not to be mistaken with a Morrisons delivery van.

Fiat Ducato
Fiat Ducato

A newer ambulance to the SECAmb fleet.

Land Rover Discovery
Land Rover Discovery

For a more rapid response. Used by advanced medics to quickly attend scenes and provide urgent medical care

Skoda RRV
Skoda Octavia RRV

Our Specialist Paramedics need a way to get around fast. This vehicle will ensure they can do that.

St John
St John Ambulance Fiat Ducato

St John Ambulance is a key part within Kent to ensure patients receive the best treatment during its busiest times


When a critical incident is declared, a multi-million pound helicopter carrying a Doctor & Critical Care Paramedic is always sent.

Kent Fire & Rescue Service

KFRS attend various incidents either on their own or as a joint response to an incident with ambulance and/or police. They can tackle large fires, extract patients from vehicles involved in RTC's and also provide safety advice to vulnerable persons.

You can be part of this divisions as part of the Retained Firefighter Service. This is where you perform the role of Fire and deploy into the necessary role as and when required depending on the incident. This ensures that you are always kept busy when deployments for a single division on their own maybe slower.

Unknown Fire P280
Scania P280 Appliance

Drives to fires. Puts out fires. Sleeps a lot.

Unknown Fire Insignia
Vauxhall Insignia Estate

Used by Fire Officers to attend scenes of incidents that require futher command.

Unknown Fire Kuga
Ford Kuga

This unmarked vehicle is used by Fire Officers to attend scenes of incidents that require futher command.